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Putting pen to paper and illustrating creative solutions has been a passion since I was 10. Thankfully, I found a way to continue doing what I love by designing artistic and purposeful identities for brands, publications and websites.


Having worked for diverse clients across continents, I’ve realized the crucial role of strategic planning in ensuring a project’s success. By combining design acumen with deep insight, I strive to deliver enduring solutions that have an impact.


Visualizing a future with new and improved ideas has been a core element of my graduate school training. To me, innovation stems from thorough research, guided by human-centered principles that delivers intuitive results.

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Select Testimonials:

I can easily say that Ali was the most productive and effective intern I have ever worked with. In fact, his title of “Intern” really doesn’t do justice to the role he took on and the amount of work he completed with us. Ali joined us for an incredibly taxing technology research project that had several pressured deadlines.
— William Mehleisen | US Director, Mandalah
Ali has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. I especially admire Ali’s creative mind and independent work ethic. He has an ability to do in-depth research in to a project and uncover ideas and directions that can help create solid designs moving forward. Ali exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to great designers; empathic to the end user, a team player and a pleasure to work with.
— Jason Lewis | Founder & Managing Director, Limah Design Consultants
In his role as Strategy and Marketing Fellow for Taproot, Ali exhibited a remarkable aptitude for assessing our brand, identity, programming, and stakeholders and distilling large amounts of varied information into crisp, attractive marketing materials that strategically target key audiences.
— Emmett Mehan | Strategic Partnerships Manager, Taproot Foundation
Ali was able to bring his expertise in Middle East studies to bear on his architectural design work, showing a proclivity toward cross-disciplinary practice and a deep understanding of culture and history as it impacts design. These tendencies proved favorable, as he was able to ideate several well-conceived concepts through personal observations and understandings that we further developed to enhance our package.
— Paddy Harrington | Executive Creative Director, Bruce Mau Design Inc.